Friday, June 19

With Love, Lyla : 9 month edition

Due to popular demand, I'm back! I know you missed me,  and you can blame momma. She has been so lazy busy lately that she forgot that you people care about me and didn't give me any screen time so I haven't been able to sneak onto the blog.  So lets get right to it!
I am awesome! I am nine months old, have been for a while now.  I am 17 pounds, up to the 16th percentile which makes momma and daddy happy, 27 1/4 inches tall, and am in 6-9 month clothes. For some reason mom was really excited about that. I think she said she was bored of my other clothes and wanted me to wear some new things. But I just told her its too hot to wear clothes anyway. She didn't believe me, so I figured a picture's worth 1000 words, so I just blow out of everything so she has to undress me and take my diaper off. She still hasn't grasped that the fact that I crawl away as quick as possible, which, if I may say so myself, is pretty lightening fast, means that I just want to be free & wild. She is determined to tame me and makes me wear clothes and diapers anyway. Don't worry though, I'll keep on putting up a good fight. 
I have two, very sharp teeth that I love to use! They are just the coolest! I get fabulous reactions when I try to use them on mom when nursing, or on other people's fingers - its great! Minus mom's reaction, because she's trying to stop nursing me cause apparently "I've become too wild of an eater to be allowed to nurse." I keep fighting her on that, too, but I do get pretty hungry since momma's body is messed up and gives me hardly any milk, anyways. So I've recently learned I really do like bottles. A lot. It took me quite a while to come around to the strange contraptions, but now I take 5 bottles a day. 
I pull myself up on everything and try to climb up things but somehow mom knows how to get things just beyond my reach. Kind of annoying to be honest, but I have perfected the attention scream so that she has to give me what I want. Right now my favorite tricks are standing all by myself, and walking around following momma with my push toy. I also really enjoy diving head first off the furniture but mom and dad always stop me, turn me around and make go down feet first. Not near as exciting. 
My parents decided to listen my doctor and try sleep training again. Momma was really nervous because how much of an epic fail it was time, so I thought If I resisted I could break her will. Turns out I'm usually too tired to fight much. I get put to bed at about 6:30 now. I wake up once or twice because I want my parents to remember me, but I fall back asleep pretty fast. So now I don't see them for 12 hours. Thats a long time! I am so excited to see them in the morning, and they're pretty obviously excited to see me, too;) I even heard mom and daddy talking one night when they thought I was asleep, and momma said that she kinda missed when I went to bed later, cause she didn't get to be with me as much now. Good. She better miss me. 
 Lately we've been going to the pool a lot. I like it. The water is super fun and I just love splashing and kicking my feet and having mom throw me up so high and then land back in the water. Mom wants me to a "fish" like her, but I didn't ask what that meant. 

Other random things I've loved doing the past few months: clapping, waving and giving high fives. I also take after momma and talk nonstop. I could talk to my toys all day. They're the best listeners. 

I hope I satisfied your curiosity about me for a little while. I'll whoop momma's bum into shape and make sure she gives me more computer time so that I can keep you all informed:)

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