Tuesday, April 7

An Overdue Update

An update is long overdue on my little lady here so I figured it was high time to get to it. Many of you know that months two through four were horrible for us. But luckily around 5 months she started improving her temperament, and at 6 months she became happy and a much better sleeper. Then, last week we got back to the doctor and any of the improvements that we had made seemed to be pathetic and useless and nonexistent.

 Lyla tipped the scales at a whopping 12 pounds 3 ounces and nearly 7 months old. Since she was 10 pounds 13 ounces back at 2 months, this was obviously bad. She had dropped from the 47th percentile to completely off the charts. Her head size and height were both around normal, but had dropped percentiles as well. I knew she was little and hadn't gained much weight but I expected her to be bigger than this! 
Our pediatrician made sure to express how dangerous this could be. Luckily, developmentally and behaviorally she is right on target for her age. But because of her nonexistent weight gain, we were sent to a lactation consultant, feeding therapy and a dietician. If things didn't change -and fast- she was going to have to be put on a feeding tube in the hospital until we could get things figured out. My pediatrician is amazing and I love her and trust her, but I was very motivated for this last option to never come to fruition.

I suddenly felt like the worst mom in the world. How could I let my child starve unknowingly for months? I started crying and luckily our doctor is a young, first time mom as well or this would have been even more awkward than it was. She let me cry and reassured me that everything was going to work out and that there was no way I could have known and that Lyla would be just fine in time. 
I had suspected a milk production problem 3 months ago when she was really struggling and fussy and crying all the time and not sleeping. I had tried hard to supplement and add solids but solids seemed to be the only thing she would take. She obstinately refused the bottle. I kept trying but eventually gave up as it was just a huge fight that I never won. 

So, we were off to see the lactation consultant and our feeding therapist. At the lactation consultant we learned I make a third of what Lyla needs.  Lyla currently only gets 2 ounces from me most of the time, except for her very early morning feeding where she gets 3. She guessed my milk decreased at about 5 weeks but for sure around 2 months. She gave some good suggestions, but it would have been so much easier had we tried the suggestions months ago instead of now, with a crazy, active, distracted baby who's not too keen on any of them. 

At feeding therapy we created a diet for her and figured out ways to cram extra calories into everything she eats. She now has to eat solids 5 times a day with 2 meals being high calorie, 2 being high liquid, and 1 being high fiber as she has had lots of constipation problems due to not having enough food or liquid. 

 This last week was stressful at the beginning. It felt like between trying to deal with the war of the bottle, attemping to use an SNS, nursing every 2 hours, feeding her five solid meals a day and keeping her food diary, that there was no time for anything else and that all I did all day everyday was feed her. But things got under control and we settled into a routine. 

And guess what?! No feeding tubes for us! At the doctor yesterday we learned that Lyla gained a whole 10 ounces this week! She's up to 12 pounds 14 ounces. I attribute most of it to her daily breakfast of 1/3 cup oatmeal mixed with 2 scoops formula, 2 ounces liquid formula and 1 ounce of prune juice. Like the saying goes "oatmeal sticks to your ribs!"

We're still going to feeding therapy to work on our bottle issues and meeting with the pediatrician weekly but things are looking up and I am so grateful for the amazing support team we have. Between our lactation consultant, pediatrician, therapist
(who have all called to check on us and see how L's doing and to reassure and comfort me) and amazing family and friends, things have not looked so bad.

Now for a little 7 month update!

We got to celebrate Easter, General Conference, and Lyla's 7 month birthday all on Sunday! So basically it was awesome. My two Utah-dwelling sisters and their husbands as well as a friend and her husband all joined us for breakfast on Sunday morning and we enjoyed the morning session of conference together. Lyla was adorable and happy and smily and let people hold and play with her all morning till she took a nap.

She is growing up so fast its making me sad! She sits, scoots across the floor, and is almost crawling. She hangs out on all fours rocking back and forth and trying to move forward. Its so cute! She still sucks on her toes for fun and also gave up the pacifier about a month ago and now prefers to suck her pointer and middle fingers backwards. Its so cute - I just hope it doesn't last forever! Still no teeth but I can honestly say I am happy about that. With having to nurse her every two hours I am not ready to throw teeth into the mix - no thanks!

She gets cuter every day and is looking more and more like her daddy to me.
Except her nose and ears, that's about all she got from me! 

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