Thursday, March 5

Love, Lyla - 6 months edition

Momma told me how much her friends all loved my last post, so  decided I would once again commandeer her blog to tell you how I'm doing. Especially since I love this keyboard so much, and all, you know. Plus she doesn't really use the blog anymore, so I'm considering making it permanent...

Its been six months since mom "had" me. Don't really know how you can "have" someone, but that's what she tells me. Its been a pretty good life. I've really liked scooting and moving around this last month but lately I've taken to just wanting to be held by mom, but still move around a lot. For some reason this bothers my mom. I don't know why. All I do is try to reach for everything and climb up her and sometimes I almost fall out of her arms cause I just think squirming is the best, but I scream and she adjust her grip so obviously I'm fine. I don't know why she gets frustrated and sets me down. I've taught her pretty well, though. She's learning fast that I'll just yell at her and tell her how it is, until she picks me up again.
She's busy with lots of other stuff, but I try to remind her I'm most important. She likes to sew a lot but that doesn't involve me so I set her straight. She says she does it sometimes to make me clothes cause normal clothes still don't fit me right. For example, this is a 3 month sweater and it "still drowns" me to use her words. Cause I don't know that many words. She tells her friends I'm 12 pounds and 26 inches long and in a size 3m.
Apparently mom started taking coconut oil pills (??) in order to increase the fat content in her milk. I loooove milk. So i'm ok with this. I like other food, too, but still mostly just avocado and rice cereal. I've tried bananas, peas and carrots, too, as well as gnawing on a piece of apple. I like the apple. Mom and I are twins, she loves these so I figured I better love them too so we can start an "I'm obsessed with apples" club. Want to join?  The banana was nasty, as were the peas, and carrots mess me up on this inside, know what I mean? 
The coconut oil mom is taking helps me stay full longer, so she says. I don't really know. I have slept better the last few nights, but just to keep her on her toes I made her get up and snuggle me several times last night. She's just the best snuggler. Plus I've taught her so well she can't say no to me. Plus, now I prefer her to dad, so she feels bad for me and will do anything for me:) I am such a master manipulator ....
 Its been cold so mom hasn't taken me on as many walks, but we've gone on a few good ones with my bestie Logan. He's been in Idaho this week so I've been lonely, but I'm a survivor, so its ok. I miss my grandparents, but I make sure I make lots of cute faces so that momma will take photos to send them. Like, I love sucking my big toe, its even better than my pacifier, so I make sure bodhi and amia and nana and papa see that.  And sitting. See how I like to sit up? I make sure they know that, too. 

Well folks, I'm getting tired and fussy and mom is trying to say that means that I need a nap. But I'm stronger than her, so I'll win out, don't worry. 

Love,  Lyla

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  1. love love love this sweet girl. Mine better be just as cute!


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