Thursday, February 19

Its for Real

You Guys. Its finally happening. After months of stewing over it, convincing myself, tons of research, fabric buying and sewing like crazy in between dealing with my psycho, super adorable baby...I am really doing it. I am opening my Etsy shop Baby Lyla's Leggings. 
That's a boring name, right? I know. I looked at everyone else's shop names and they are crazy adorable and cutesy. And mine is just straight up exactly what it is. But I decided my shop name is like me. Straight forward. Not cutesy with a lot of fluff. I'm ok with that. Truly, the only reason I got into this was because of making leggings for Lyla. So it seemed fitting.  Lyla turned out to be a string bean and was drowning in all of her pants. So I started making her some. And then people started asking me about where I got them. And I told people I made them for her. And people thought that was pretty cool, apparently. And asked for some. So, nearly 6 months in to this adventure, I think I am ready to dive in, officially.
Being a little dramatic, am I? Maybe But this is a big deal for me. I love working and making my own money and being creative. But it has been incredibly hard with being a new mom at the same time. I went from a working (out of the home) wife, to a stay at home mom (which is soooo much more work, for me at least). And it was hard! 
My baby seemed too good to be true at first. A dream sleeper and champ eater. And I thought starting my shop would be so doable. I had the perfect baby and the perfect life! Why did people complain about parenting and babies?! They must all be doing it wrong! ........ And then her little demon side came out (joking,..sort of). I know she gets ear infections a lot and now on top of that she has a cold and I think her gums are hurting, but man, no matter what the reason for your child's crazy behavior and lack of sleep, it doesn't make it any easier to handle. So the shop got postponed. and postponed. and postponed. Several times I thought I was ready. Like a long time ago when I started the social media sites for it. But then life got really hard and I was afraid and thought of not doing it all. But now...I think I am ready to tackle both. Because of my crazy, unpredictable life at the moment, I will only be selling items I already have made, so that I don't get behind with custom orders or anything (on the off chance that my shop even gets orders...ha!). But I have enough inventory ready that I am actually excited! But I figured I better make it public so that I don't back out now....

So get ready guys, I am launching my shop Friday February 27th.

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