Saturday, July 6

Happy Birthday Big Sister

My big sis Nikelle turns 26 today.
She lives in St George and basically has the happiest life ever.
She works with troubled teens, and in her spare time explores, hikes, adventures, repels, backpacks, smiles and laughs.

Can't you tell?

She's the best big sis ever (and the only one I have) and has made me more adventurous and brave than I would otherwise be. She got me to go live in England for 6 months, while she was in China (I didn't say she got me to be as adventurous as her...)

She is also a hard core poet, and writes insanely awesome stuff.
So I wrote this poem for her.

Nikelley your my sister and have always been my friend
even when I was scared and cried you made my fears all end.
You seemed to be all knowing, so much wiser and more smart
and then one day I realized it is some kind of art
you have to get along with everyone and make them all at ease
 I wanted to be like you, so I began to watch your ways.

But I found this kind of art you have could not be taught in just one lesson
but by following your example and loving all, just like they do in heaven.
Your advice to all is have some fun in the places God created
There you're happy and excited and learn to not be baited
by others thoughts and words be they mean, cruel, or abhorant
you just laugh it off and love and play and others see your ways triumphant

So today here on your birthday, you are hiking and exploring
and loving all the people that with you this day are sharing
and I'm here far away missing the adventures I could share with you
Good thing I have good memories that make me feel like I'm there, too.
Like driving down the 101 accompanied by Sing it Loud
and hiking in the pitch black dark and lots of heavy clouds.

Or camping in a Teepee on property of (probably) stoned Bob
and making friends with all his rabbits, dogs and everything else odd.
Or making movies for some random young kid in a band
Just because his mom was drunk and asked us if we'd give her a hand.
Or Arriving in San Diego at oh dark hundred because
you thought traffic would be bad but instead it was stale as unused gauze

So now here on your birthday when I cannot be present
 I hope you know that outside I go to have some fun and be content
to have adventures and play and laugh and be happy in general
cause I watched you and observed you and know that you would label
this as the best present I could give to you, my absent sister
cause I watched you and I learned, to go have adventures with my mister.

Sorry I am no poet Nikelle! 
 Happy Birthday!!!


  1. I think it's a great Poem! Especially because it contains so many memories. Truly siblings are the best gift ever, and I am glad you appreciate the gift!

  2. Beautiful!!!! And oh so true. Fun memories

  3. Heidi was telling me about this sister the other day. What company does she work for?

    1. She works for Sunrise RTC in Washington, UT and loves it.

  4. Oh sweet sister of mine,
    who to, forever, my life will be entwined,
    That was the sweetest poem,
    and I was transported home,
    and thanks to you now I'm a wreck,
    and my makeup looks like heck.

    hahaha. I love you Tiahna. Thank you for showing me the ties we create and build on, and for reminding me of my value, and for loving me. There will be many more adventures, seeing as how we are stuck together FOREVER! WE ARE SO LUCKY!

    P.S. Come visit! Life is so beautiful!


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