Monday, July 8

Go-Karts, Golfing and Tacos

Go-kart racing. Mini golf. Tacos. That about sums up our weekend. 

Whitney and Austin are moving to LA in only two short weeks, so we are trying to get in all the fun we can with them before they head out and we see them never. Kelly has been wanting to go go-kart racing for.ever. so when Whit and Austin suggested that's what we do on Saturday, we were all about that. I lost. Every time. That's how I roll. BUT, I did happen to give an old, mean, competitive man the run around and block a couple of his turns. Take that! Kelly was in heaven and Whit turned out to be  pretty rad racer. Kelly dominated us all in mini-golf, too. I almost lost. Whitney beat me (to loosing) by only one point. Were obviously fab golfers. Why we haven't gone pro I have no idea...I bet we could get paid bazillions?

Sunday after church we headed over to our good friends, the Dunbars. We hung out a lot last semester when Chris and I were both student teaching at the same high school and we lived next to each other. They have the most adorable daughter, with a son about to join them in the next three weeks! We had all-you-can-eat tacos which were very welcome after a 24 hour fast. booyaaa. We then made homemade ice cream and played Scum. 
I'm always the scum. Always.

Before we took off for home we lit off fireworks and almost blew someones car up? 

Sh. I didn't say anything.

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  1. What a great life you have. The Lee's are going to miss you I bet. Makes me sad to think of them so far away from all of are beautiful by the way.... Give Kelly a hug. We love you both!


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