Thursday, January 17

A day in the life of a student teacher

-Getting there early to go over your notes to make sure you know what your teaching...because well sometimes your just not so sure...
-Explaining the process of gamete formation over and over and over because well, some sophomores just don't get it. And probably never will.
-Getting told you look like Payton from Make it or Break it, or Hannah from Pretty Little Liars on a daily basis depending on your hair style for the day, and disappointing those ladies greatly when they learn you've never seen Pretty Little Liars and they commence to give you five good reasons why you should.
-Staying ridiculously late so students can turn in work they missed and take tests that they will probably fail anyways cause they are taking it two weeks late and forgot all the stuff that they probably never really grasped anyway.
-Reading the text book at home at night so you can stay ahead of the kids and remember all that stuff you were tested on and then forgot in college.
-And then the cycle starts over!


  1. You are the world's cutest student teacher!

  2. Oh goodness, reading your posts makes me miss student teaching. What school are you at? When I was teaching one of the students asked if animals get STDs. I had no idea but it turns out they do. They do say some pretty great stuff though.

    1. I'm at Skyview, and oh my goodness are these kids entertaining!


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