Wednesday, January 23


Sophomores say funny things. Sometimes stupid things. Sometimes really outrageous things and you wonder if you are a failure of a teacher. I've started documenting them. Because, well, they make me laugh and I can either laugh or cry that my own students are such idiots.

So here are a few from yesterday.

--"So, if it's a 50/50 chance of a couple having a boy or a girl, what is the probability for a gay couple? Because they are both xy?" Oh man. First I thought she was kidding. The whole class stared at her, and about at the same time, we all burst out laughing and tried to explain it to her. We gave up. I don't think there is any hope.

--"Wait. More black people have AIDS?"

--"Mosquitos get HIV." Excuse me. What?! Do you not what the H stands for?!!!

These are all probably much funnier in person, and at the moment in the biology classroom. But good heaven. I sure get some abdominal workout at school.

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