Wednesday, September 30

Lyla Turns One!

I am amazed every day that my little miracle is already 1. I know its cliche, but it feels simultaneously like we've never lived without her, and that she just arrived.

She's everyone's favorite, and loves attention, dancing, and books books books. She is also starting to like stuffed animals and blankies. She is obsessed with doggies, but scared of those stuffed animal puppet things. Like deathly terrified. Like scream and fall and then run away scared. . . 

She's a serious nap avoider lately and I think she's trying to drop a nap (but girl, mom's rebelling as hard as you are)
Lyla has actually been 1 for a month now. We celebrated with my family in town right after our Bear Lake reunion. It was low key but super fun. Lyla had never had sugar before and didn't quite know what to do with her cake but was so cute with it. She loved squishing it everywhere, it was quite the sensory experience for her. As far as eating goes...well thats a different story. 

As far as her stats, she's doing so well now!

Up  to 19 pounds and in the 23rd percentile for weight. 30.5 inches for height and in the 90th! Way to go Lyla! She sure has grown a lot. She was cutting her 3rd and 4th teeth on her birthday and now has all 4. 
She's Daddy's pride and joy but he works so much he rarely gets to see her. He is always sneaking in her room early morning or late at night to stare at her. Its the sweetest thing. She loves wrestling with him, doing his signature dance moves - she learned all her dance moves form him- and bringing him book after book to read because he sings them all and thats her favorite!
 Miss Lyla, you are loved by so many and we hope you never forget it!


  1. Beautiful joyful baby girl! How we love her and her mommy and daddy. What a lucky girl to have a singing daddy!

  2. She is SUCH a doll! Love your posts about her!

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