Monday, October 5

a rant about great photographers...

Do you know what the problem is with a great photographer? You end up loving them every. single. photograph. And then selecting photos for your home becomes near impossible and you get stressed
like WHOA. So...thats where I am now. Kelly and I haven't had photos taken since we got married almost 5 years ago. And now Lyla is already one so we knew we needed photos soon before she's all grown up which feels like it might be tomorrow so now I'm over here crying...sigh.

Devan was our wedding photographer and a good friend and I need her in my life cause ask anyone and they'll tell you I'm the most the awkward person to take photos of ever. Kelly stands there and models while I'm like, what? this face doesn't look good? Or -what does my hair look like, I feel ugly...

So, obviously I need a miracle worker and a real calm chill situation where I don't really have to pose. With Devan we just talk,  laugh, move around and play with Lyla and then BAM - she sends you amazing photos. So if you live in Utah or basically anywhere in the US...ok actually if you live in this world -hit her up! She's traveled the world, photographed everything, and is the most talented person I know. If you don't believe me check out this website and prepare to be mind blown, especially with her landscapes of Iceland. 


  1. No wonder you cant choose ! These really are ALL awesome! THanks for sharing!


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