Tuesday, June 10

And then a boy got a UTI

Last week was busy and trying, emotionally and physically, to say the least. My dear cousin Michelle died at only 22 years old, and only 2 months after her dad passed. This poor family is going through the life of Job, it seems. The service was lovely and I am glad I got to see so many family members that I have not seen in years.

There has been quite a bit of other family drama and emotional upheaval to deal with, as well as it being the end of the school year at the high school where I teach, and then Kelly had to go and get a urinary tract infection. Ever heard of a boy getting a UTI? Me either. Poor guy can't catch a break.

On the brighter side of things, school is out (for me at atleast)! And Kelly is almost graduated! And he has three potential jobs we're looking at! So really things are not so bad, for us anyways. We are so happy, and our baby is rockin' and rollin' inside of me all.the.time. And the weather has been beautiful and I finally get to wear dresses every day which as you know (or don't) are my clothing of choice for always and forever.

I am getting sooo excited to meet our daughter, though it still seems very far away, which I know is a good thing. I have still done absolutely nothing to prepare for her. All the money we try to save for all the things we need for her arrival seems to disappear before it makes it into savings. I can't wait till I am done paying off her birth (we pay monthly so by the time she's born, everything is already paid for) so that money can go to actually buying the things that we need. I have succumbed to the fact that I cannot buy my dream chair. Oh well. I will start saving for it for when baby #2 comes along. sigh. If thats my biggest frustration, then look how blessed my life is.

And now for random pictures of the end of the school year.

 cleaning my classroom out, last day of school, kind of bittersweet...
Bonita, the class skeleton, in one of the million different positions she's been in this year. 
And my messy space getting cleaned up with their vocal graffiti's in the background.
Michael decided to photobomb their extra credit posters

The last week of school we dissected cats, fetal pigs and rats. 

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  1. We are so impressed with all the good you are involved in. What a blessing you are to society and especially US! Get better Kelly and hope you rock the interviews!


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