Tuesday, June 3

Its all about perspective

A friend had brain surgery yesterday. She has a one year old.
My cousin's in a coma after cysts in her brain lead to cancer. She is 22. Been married less than 3 years.
Her mother lost her husband 2 months ago to liver cancer.
My sil and bil and their four kids are going through their own challenges and emotional upheaval. 

My aunt Cyndi and cousin Michelle and her husband Scot at her brother's wedding in January.

My heart aches for little baby Carter who will have to endure his young mothers treatment. 
My heart aches for my friend and her husband as they have to let others care for their son. 
My heart aches for my aunt, who lost a very vivacious and otherwise healthy husband, and now sees her youngest daughter fighting for her life only weeks later.

**update: Michelle died the next day. Now she is with her Dadio. 

Yesterday I was complaining about Kelly being sick and feeling poor. All I can think about is how weak I am, and how strong others are. And what good examples they are to me and everyone around them of strength in the midst of severe and painful challenges.

My prayers are with you.
And God is good, so no matter what happens, God is in it.

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