Tuesday, September 11

This is Kelly Speaking

        In an attempt to save my self from having the same conversation multiple times a day I will keep you all up to date with this blog. To make it clear I am fine. Cancer may be a word that you may never want to have associated with you, but it really isn't always such a deadly thing.  I have already dealt with the shock of a cancer diagnoses on my mission.
       To start with the details, two weeks ago I went to my urologist to have my semi-annual CT scan and found that near my pancreas, in the lymph node system I had a 3.3x2.8 cm growth. I have met with an oncologist this past monday to make plans. He set me up with a CT led biopsy that took place today. I will not know the results of the biopsy until next Tuesday. So that is all that I know right now. On tuesday I will be meeting with a medical oncologist to discus the option of chemo. Chemo is the best option and the reason is that this growth could have come from cancer cells that have been in my body for the last two years and just began growing. If I do chemo it will eradicate any other lingering cells that might decide to grow in the years to come. The type of cancer that I most likely have has a 95% cure rate and responds well to treatment.
        Don't worry about Tiahna and I, we have all of your support and the support of my doctors. We have piles of pamphlets with information about what to do in case I undergo chemo, the risk involved in cancer and all that jazz.
        Tiahna and I thank you for all your loving messages, prayers and concerns. The best thing for us to do is live our lives like everything is normal and deal with things as they come. I know that the Lord is in this and I have the faith that this trial will do us good. It might cost us time and money, but in the eternal perspective the refining effect of this challenge may be worth all the time and money in the world.

Sorry if there are no images to make this post more interesting, I was on my belly during my biopsy and Tiahna wasn't there to be my photographer.


  1. You rock man. Such a good attitude to handle with. Keep that perspective and whatever happens will turn out better for you all in the end. My prayers are with you.
    Jordan Ramsay

  2. Know that you are loved by more than just your families and that we will add our faith and prayers to yours as well. Your positiveness is great and will see you through many a day. Thanks for the great example of faith and courage :) Love Momma Field


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