Thursday, June 28


I learned a thing or two about it last night. The Mister took me to a dinner where you learn the ins and outs of formal business affairs...cause you know, we may have to know this stuff someday with him being such a genius accountant and all. 

Here are some of the coolest things I learned:

1. If you drop a piece of food or silverware on the floor, kick it under the table.
2. If you have something in your mouth that you don't want to swallow, use your fork to get it out. 
(try doing that on the sly)
3. Girls, when a guy tries to scoot your chair in, do it yourself and make him think he did it.
4. If you make a mess, make your server clean it up.
5. Girls, if your wearing bright lip stick and want to avoid the kiss ring on your glass, stick your tongue out on your glass. (might want to practice that one first, too)

I learned some real classy things, too, like you work from outside to inside in regards to silverware, and how to deal with introductions, and what to do if you forget someone's name, but I thought these were better. We had a great time, amazing meal and learned a lot. Now I guess we need to go to fancy shmancy dinners more often so we can try out our new skills. 

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  1. What you dont' use you may forget so practice up so you can share all your classy-ness with your hick parents. Love the table setting. Weird.... stick my tongue out... not sure about that one.


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