Wednesday, June 27

the house in my head

 I know I am not the only one who designs her future house in her head. I have been doing it a lot lately so  I decided to pick a few of my favorites (for the moment) to share with you:

1. Nothing says welcome! like a bright front door
2. the bright statement and accents
3. a pop of old
4. would love to go "camping" in my attic
5.  bright room for baby
6.  neutrals and natural light for me
7. and this wrap around porch 
8.  and of course a chair for two!


  1. when can i move in?! love it! when we have a kid- i'm totally going to sew a crib skirt like that. love it!!!

  2. And you can't beat all the room to accomodate all who love you and will want to visit! Great taste girl. Hope your dreams come true.


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