Thursday, August 14

Waddling through Wheeler

A friend helped me discover Wheeler Historic Farms my second week here. I had heard the name before, and seen signs for it but hadn't been and had no idea what it actually was. My first experience here lasted about 10 minutes when Aubrey and I got rained out by a sudden flash flood. We tried to hide under some branches, but quickly learned it was to no avail,  whereupon we both took it upon ourselves to run/waddle with our 36 week pregnant bellies (we are due a day apart) back the safety of a warm dry car. 

Luckily my subsequent visits were much less eventful, and I could actually enjoy the general splendor of the place, which these pictures - snapped on this morning's walk on my iPhone - do absolutely no justice. 

It is fully functioning farm, with miles of trails through the trees. They raise horses, cows, goats, sheep, pigs, ducks, chickens and probably tons of other animals here. There is a park for kids and you can pet the animals. Can't wait to take my daughter here, though it will be a long while before she can enjoy it. 

I am excited for Fall, as I am sure this place goes all out with hay rides and apple cider. I could walk here for hours, which I guess I actually already do. So, if you ever feel like a visit, me and my little lady will happily take you for a stroll. 

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