Wednesday, August 13


We are settling pretty well here in Utah, and enjoying it, I think. Kelly is in love with his job and really enjoys his coworkers, so all the long hours in the office are worth it. Especially when he comes home at night and still has energy and is excited to tell me all about his day. Its adorable, really. I have been exploring parks and places around my town so I can get my daily walks in, which is about as much of a work out as I get anymore. I never really considered walking as exercise, but at nearly 37 weeks pregnant, I decided it totally is. 

I am enjoying having so many places so shop just right out my front door (although maybe the budget isn't..?) and so many beautiful places to explore! Kelly and I are trying to make the most of this time before baby girl comes, as getting out and about on adventures may get harder in the very near future:) My sister Nikelle and her husband Hunter live in Provo, and Layton and Meredith were in town on their way home from California after climbing Mt Whitney (they're legit) so last weekend we went with everyone and drove up Provo canyon. We were originally in search of Stewart Falls so we could hike them, but it ended up pouring rain and we got lost and ended up just enjoying the beautiful drive. In the end, we decided to do Bridal Veil falls instead and we figured since you get wet climbing up anyways, it wouldn't matter that it was raining.  But when we got back to the main road we learned that it hadn't even rained one drop there - so we had nothing to worry about!

Instead of taking the trail to the top, we just climbed straight up through the water and it was wonderful! It was a beautiful place and thankfully, my brother Layton was nice enough to help me down all the slippery parts on the way down -thanks bud:) We played like 5-year-olds with all the fish afterwards, and then enjoyed a nice walk through the parks nearby. 

Thanks fam for the awesome Saturday - we'll have to do the hike again soon, but this time with a baby carrier strapped onto me - getting close!


  1. Looks fun and is wonderful to see you enjoying time all together. Take care and love you all! PS. We want Kellu to write about his job.

  2. You simply look amazing! And I wish I was there, my heart stings. This is so beautiful and reminds me of our time as kids playing in the forest. Isn't layton sweet?? Also brings me back to the days when he built us bows and arrows. Love you <3


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