Monday, August 18

A Bumpdate: 37 weeks

 We are getting so close! Her nursery is about done, finally. Things finally started coming together after we moved. Its not much like I originally imagined it, and its really nothing fancy or extraordinary, but I am pleased with the outcome nevertheless. Its crazy to think that I will actually be a mom in just a few short weeks. It completely blows my mind! I know I'm not ready but "ready or not......" right?

I had my first eventful appointment of this pregnancy on Thursday. Usually my appointments last about 5 minutes since I am a textbook pregnancy with no problems at all. But after complaining about a little discomfort, which I assumed to be totally normal, my midwife decided to check some things out, as well as check my cervix, which she didn't plan on doing until next week since I was not quite 37 weeks (36 weeks 5 days). Turns out I had a yeast infection, which I was unaware of because it is completely internal, but was adding to the discomfort I was feeling.
So far (as of last week) I am only dilated to 1 cm, and 70% effaced, but hey! at least something is happening, right? Baby has been head down for months, since about 25 weeks, and she has never turned back around so  I doubt there's any chance that she will now. Plus there isn't really room for her to turn anymore....although I guess you never know. Her head is nice and low and engaged, so I say, get her here already! I know she is a lot easier to take care of as long as she is in me, anxious as I am about everything, I'm also getting really excited to meet her:) My midwife says I am more progressed than she expected, especially for a first baby and having not been even 37 weeks yet, but I have to keep reminding myself I have three weeks still, and will likely be late. My mom said she would dilate to a 5 and then stay there for over a month! That cannot happen to me. Luckily, it really can't as I would be induced if I was going that late!

I still can't really tell when I am having Braxton hicks. The mornings where I walk fast and long I feel some kind of intense pain on the right side of my abdomen, feels like a side ache but kind of different, and it feels like its in my abs, or whats left of them anyways. I've been told those could be Braxton hicks, but they haven't been anything horrible or made me worried at all. Also, turns out I tested positive for Group B Strep, so I have to be treated with antibiotics during labor and delivery, but that's nothing to worry about, either.
 As for aches and pains, its starting to get more uncomfortable. I think if I moved around less I would hurt less, but I've just had so much to do! I walk about 4 miles in the morning and then come home and end up rearranging my furniture (still trying to get it just right), or dragging all of Kelly's tools and storage out of the nursery so I can photograph it. He decided that's his favorite place to store his tools, because he says really its just a storage room anyway because she won't even be sleeping there for a while, so its just storing all her stuff. But isn't that all any bedroom is? So, my hip flexors hurt, and changing position in bed is uncomfortable, and there is a lot of lower abdominal pressure, but most of the time I feel ok and just hope she's healthy and happy and enjoying all her time in Heaven learning and getting prepared to come join our family:)
Feeling: Like I couldn't get any bigger. I am afraid she is going to be huge. Seriously. I have an abnormally long torso and I can tell you she is taking up all. of. it. I have been measuring a week ahead for this whole pregnancy but they won't change your due date unless you are measuring two weeks ahead. Just watch, I'll actually be late with a 9 pound baby. Kelly was 9 pounds. I'm terrified.
Loving: My air conditioner. We had it in our last place, too, but it broke and they didn't fix it before we moved. So this is nice. Also loving the park down the road from my place and of course, Wheeler Farm, like I mentioned last time. Both are excellent places to get my daily hour of exercise, since other than that, I have begun kind of enjoying being lazy, unless you count housework :)
Hating: The pain down low, but it comes and goes, so I survive, and its really not that bad...most of the time.
Eating: Once again, nothing new - a lot of fruit. Most of the space in my fridge is being taken up by grapes, peaches, nectarines, pineapple and cantaloupe.
Wearing: Leggings. haha I wear a lot of dresses and maxi skirts too, but on the days where I can actually nap and relax (which has actually only once or twice last week - we had an insanely long list of things I needed to get to get done) I stick to my most stretchy options.
Doing: Finishing her room. I think I finished the last of things this morning. And walking, and completing my list of things to do before she is born. I finally packed the diaper bag full of things I will need at the hospital for the baby, because those things would be harder to explain to Kelly if an emergency happened. I haven't pack anything for the hospital for me yet, because I figure I'll have plenty of time to pack once I start actually having contractions.  .  .
Weight Gain: 25 pounds. People were seriously right when they told me most of the weight gain comes at the end. I have gained almost half of my total weight gain in a month and half. Its insane, and super terrifying. The midwives say I'm doing fine, but it totally freaks me out. I know I am retaining tons of water now, as my hands swell up bad every morning, especially on my walks, and my feet swell up every night, although now its sort of becoming  constant state of swollen - ness. Ready for this to be gone.
Stretch Marks: Not on my belly, but I have a couple of tiny extensions to old, existing, faded ones that are on my hips from puberty.

3 more weeks to go (hopefully)! I can do this!

Also, Thanks to this handsome guy for being behind the camera. I'm the most awkward person take photos of...and don't mind the quality of these photos, I didn't change all the settings before I gave him the pretend they lighting is perfect are that they are all in focus!

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  1. You look great! Cuteness. I like you with a bigger bump. :) He - wish I could be there to see it for real life!


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