Tuesday, August 19

Nursery Reveal

And here is a little "first letter" reveal for you too:)
Its finally done! Well, I guess actually I haven't been working on it long, I just had to wait till we moved to Utah to even start on it, so it feels like its been in the works a while. Especially since I started dreaming about it as soon as I learned I was pregnant right after New Years.

It has turned out pretty different from what I thought I originally wanted, but as pieces began coming together, what I wanted changed. All I knew for sure was that I didn't want it all pink, and I that I wanted it simple. I really didn't want a lot of extra stuff that was just there for decoration that really had no purpose (although I do guess being a decoration is a purpose). The vision began changing when my lovely sis in law gave me a quilt she made for the baby. I fell in love with the peachy/coral color in it, and began looking for accents in that color. I originally wanted her room to be white, grey and yellow, but I like this better.

I wish the walls were white - people told me that it would be "so nice!" when I moved and didn't have white walls anymore, but since I rent and can't paint, I actually prefer white because its so neutral, versatile and most of all - bright! (And if you know me at all, you know how obsessed I am with white...) Also I think it would match her room better. Most of the walls in our place are a light tan, which is pretty nice, with a few accents of a darker tan in the master bedroom, but of course, its only the baby's room in which all four walls are the darker color. But alas, oh well. What can you do as a renter with a landlord who won't let you paint? You get over it.

Lastly, this room was CHEAP.  I'll talk about it later this week. I know this room is nothing extravagant or super high end, but at the same time it isn't a dump. You can have a nursery that is clean, cute and put together without spending a fortune. Which is good, cause everything I originally wanted cost a ton and I was afraid if I couldn't afford those items, I would be devastated with how her room turned out. Luckily, I was wrong:)

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