Wednesday, November 13

Halloween was a million years ago but...

So its been about a million years since our internet has been reliable, and work and my ultimate frisbee team and teaching institute and attempting to still be a good wife and make dinner once in a while and maybe clean the house have all been taking up my time. So finally, (better late than never right?) here are some photos from our Halloween Party. 
I was Miss Frizzle and Kelly was Bill Nye. I dressed up like this for school too and now I have a bunch of students who walk in and say 'Hey Miss Frizz!'
I brought my broken skeleton home from my classroom, I figured it fit the theme (I ordered a new one for my classroom, so excite to have one that has both legs, both arms and a mandible!) 
Lebron James and Zoe Saldana showed up too! (little sis Kaloni and her hubby Kyle)
Super man and cat (woman). Kelly's brother and his wife Nichole did tons of work for this. I was super busy so Nichole put a lot of time and effort into it. She's awesome.
Tyler and Kody, aka Grandma and Grandpa, and the dang cute ones at that
Leitenant Perkins and Rosy the Riveter aka little brother Layton and wife Meredith 
(Totes obsessed with their costumes!)
Spencer and Maddy, aka Salt and Pepper (or "the spices" as well call them:)
Han Solo, Princess Leia and R2D2! 

(Also Kate and William and baby George showed up too, aka Tyler and Madeline, but Apparently I lost their pictures. Hopefully get them up soon!)

The party was so much fun and a huge success, no thanks to me, who basically did nothing but offer my apartment. We played Rollick (best game of all time) and talked and ate and then watched Bewitched. 

Thanks for humoring me and letting me post this so late.
 I know its almost Thanksgiving already which really means its practically Christmas.



  1. cute pics! the game was Rollick and I agree, it is the best game of all time! :) thanks again for hosting!!


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