Tuesday, October 15

A Homecoming Friday

What is homecoming week like at the school I teach at, you wonder? Well let me tell you. This school may be the smallest school I've ever heard of (550) but they have HUGE school spirit! The whole week was full of short days, assemblies, the most disgusting eating competition of my life, cage ball, and even a parade on Friday. Classes were only 20 minutes long and were back to back. School was out at 10am, the assembly went till 11, then we had a long lunch and a parade at 1. So why not enjoy the fall air, eat some good food, and watch your students parade around town?
That night we went  to the football game after I lost my ultimate frisbee game and Kelly won his. Football lost, but it was a good game, and the girls basketball coach got proposed to! I didn't think I would like my job that much, but I really do...its pretty perfect for me.

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