Monday, December 9

On Giving Thanks, and Late as Usual

We all know I prefer doing things late when it comes to blogging, so in keeping with tradition, here's a recap of our Thanksgiving in Washington!

We arrived late Tuesday night. Little sis Whitney and husband Austin arrived from LA earlier that afternoon. Big sis Nikelle, little sis Kaloni and husband Kyle, and little bro Layton and lovely wife Meredith all arrived a few hours before us. Everyone was asleep except for Nikelle, which was conducive to a little late night sister bonding time, which i thoroughly enjoyed.
We were showed to our room, and oh-my-goodness-my-mother-is-the-sweetest and other kinds of exclamations came from my mouth. Our room (and everyone else's rooms too) was decorated like a suite! It had our wedding and engagement pictures all around, and chocolates and a welcome basket and sparking cider was waiting for us, complete with twinkle lights. It was so comforting and lovely being welcomed home to that. My mom's favorite holiday is thanksgiving was she was beyond excited to have all of her kids plus all the spouses be home for it. 

In the morning I woke up wide awake at 5:30, and was kicked out bed by Kelly when he told  me to go wake someone else up so he could sleep. I went and  jumped in bed with Nikelle, and soon it turned into a girl party in Whitney's room!

We are in a unique situation in our family, where everyone is married before there are any kids born (except for Nikelle, but she'll still be married before anyone gives mom and dad a grandkid:) I am not sure other families often face this. It is interesting for my parents to be empty nesters and not be grandparents, but I think they are getting plenty of quality time after raising kids for the last 26 years.

The amazing and talented April Standfield, who will always be one my most favorite people in the world took our family pictures while we were all home as well, and I so look forward to seeing them in the new year. It's so weird having a big family picture where nearly everyone has a spouse yet no one has  a baby!

Going home is special for Kelly and I, because we get to spend time with both families, his and mine. We stayed at my parents, as his siblings were home for the holidays as well, and unlike the Birds, there are plenty of grandkids on his side (and oh how I love those chubby-cheeked little faces!)

The break was spent wandering the town finding the biggest and bestest Christmas displays, cuddling Whit and Austin' little two-pound-of-joy-dog Marlee, eating amazing food, talking to incredible people which I am privileged to call family, and doing Christmas Crafts with the girls.
 The freezing fog may not be the favorite of many, but it did make for a nice cozy little getaway, and hot tub didn't hurt the retreat either ;)

On Friday Nikelle got endowed in the Columbia River Temple, and it was amazing as our entire family got to be there, plus Kelly's family attended as well. It really gives One a perspective on the important and the eternal. What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving!

On Saturday we returned back to Idaho, but it wasn't all doom and gloom, as I got my ring back from the jewelers (the pearl fell out at Layton's wedding in California) and Nikelle stayed the night with us, which turned into us laying on the air mattress in the living room watching Little Women and being in paradise.

It was a perfect break from work and school and life in general, and already I am looking forward to Christmas. There is so much to be grateful for always, especially with Christ in our lives.

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  1. Thank you so much for capturing our wonderful memory in photographs. We should take all your blogs that apply to family and turn them into a video. I love seeing you all together. Dad and I love all of you and try hard to be humble about you instead of proud! Merry Christmas.


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