Thursday, April 11

Looking down and other news

I was cleaning out the pictures on my phone today, and I realized I have a lot of pictures on there that look like this. Woops.

Also, if I had any money, I'd get an iphone. Oh well.

In other news, we had a bomb threat at the school today. That was exciting. Not the 'I'm-so-glad-this-happened-and-i-love-standing-out-in-the-wind-and-this-is-exhilerating' type of exciting, but the 'it-switches-up-my-day-and-ooo-look-at-the-bomb-dogs' kind.

At that, folks, about sums up my Thursday.

Oooo also, I have a new blog design coming shortly, and I am stoked for it to be all up and running! It was designed by danna, and she's amazingly talented, so should you need a blog design,  look her up here.

The end.

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