Friday, April 12

of rivers, walks and tulips

We will soon be on our way back to eastern Idaho so Kelly can begin his last year of school and I can begin a new job. There are few things we have truly have fallen in love with here, (and most of those have to do with being close to family, like nieces, nephews and cousins) but one of them is the path where we walk. There's something just so quaint about the little houses and the stream that runs through the middle, with the many ducks that call it home. The little green buds and tulips on one side make it springy, and the desolate hills on the other make it feel forlorn. It's quite a paradox really, and quite fitting for all the different emotions and feelings we have gone through while living here and discussed along this path. Kelly has been in a love-hate relationship with his job, but despite that, it has been an amazing learning experience for him, one that will shape the future of his career, having given him an idea of what he wants and doesn't want in a future job. It has been here that we talked about our future plans, and rejoiced in being cancer-free, and at the prospect of being parents eventually with radiation now six months behind us. There's not much to this path, but it's come to mean something to me, and I am going to miss you, little walking place.

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