Friday, August 10

oh you know, just crappy phone pics of a bored girl at work

 It's Friday everyone! It really came! Started off good with a sister run in the cool crisp air, a welcome reprieve from the 85 degree nights and early mornings we've been having here. Then of course it got drastically worse by going to work, but I have great co workers and work means money.
Slightly unrelated, yesterday was soo fun! After work a friend of mine and I got chinese  take out and watched life as we know it. It was a good little break and I think it will help me get through work today. Thanks Anne!
Happy weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness Tiahna, I'm going to report you for taking photos at work. haha

  2. Devan, didn't you read books at work...blatantly? haha.


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