Thursday, August 9

purposeless wedding nonsense

This post has no purpose. Just so you know. I am sitting here eating dry cheerios and shopping online for shoes to wear to my brother in laws wedding. And trying to decide where to stay when we go to Portland for my friend's wedding. And thinking about how I finished making a skirt for my sister just in time, (yesterday) as she flies out today to Cali to see her bf and I'm sure she'll come back with a rock somewhere on her left hand. Maybe her pointer finger? Which is why she made me make this skirt for her, because she wants to wear it there and look smokin' hot for her man...or something. It's super cute. A cream stretchy knit pencil skirt, worn with a cream lace peplum top. Adorbs. It looks something like this but with short little sleeves and a longer skirt and the skirt isn't maybe it doesn't actually look like that...whatevs.

So I decided this post does have a point after writing all that. Weddings. I would just like to know if there is anyone not getting married...? Because I am pretty sure everyone and their pet kangaroo is. And that's all I have to say about that, except that since it's all about weddings over here, here is a pic of me at mine.
The End.

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