Monday, August 13

on Target and Fall

I am rather obsessed with Target. It's my favorite. It is, to me, what Forever 21 is to so many other female folk. And these are the things I want to go buy right now. Because I feel like fall is coming, which is a joke since yesterday was over 100 degrees. Again. But nonetheless, summer will end eventually and I will summon Fall and all of the wardrobe changes it brings with it.

 Fall is my favorite. I like summer, I do. I like boating and tanning and chilling, and reading but in the past few years I have done very little of that, *although I did manage to get out on the boat on Saturday, and boy do my arms hurt from tubing wars!  and so sometimes summer is just a few months of really hot. Always welcomed since in Idaho it's winter till May, but also always joyfully let go so that autumn in all it's glory may enter.

I mean who doesn't enjoy a good fire, cool crisp air, hot cocoa with marshmellows, runs through the leaves, boquets of newly sharpened pencils, *name that movie candy and giving thanks?

That's what I thought.

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