Friday, July 27

Sister Runs

Sister Runs are the very best. They include the following:

You, your eighteen year old sister friend and your twenty year old sister friend wake up at 5:20am.

The three of you apply appropriate running attire.

The three of you step into the glorious sunshine of a morning and proceed to run for an hour.

During this time you must talk about boys, crazy crusty old men at work, what you think about when you’re bored, your dream home, where you will live once you graduate and have a job and a house, what you will name your children, why you will name your children those names, quote movies up the wa-zoo, your favorite new recipes, reminisce over the many hilarious and frightfully embarrassing experiences throughout your life including your many horrendous fashion faux paus, your future car that will tote around your quiver full of kiddos, and of course you will say good morning to all the cute oldies taking their morning walk out on the river with you.

This is the best therapy.

The. Very. Best.

Try it.

I dare you.

You’ll need it to get you through the day.

Cause then you’re all off to work. Your eighteen year old sister friend is off to guard the lives of fellow Richland-ites at the gym. Your twenty year old sister friend is off to nanny kiddos, one of which is the adorable little baby Calvin. And you’re off to an office and computer screen and boredom.

Note: Use Monday-Friday for best results. To maintain complete sanity, repeat on Saturday, and take a long walk on the Sabbath. If persistent happiness results, refer a friend.

I am Tiahna, and I approve this message.

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