Thursday, July 26


I have been the biggest failure of all who have ever failed at blogging. Two weeks?! Who am I?

Ok so here’s the story. *This is where I list all of the excuses that no one really buys but that I will tell you
anyways and expound on in great detail to elicit pity and forgiveness.

First, it was Finals Week. That one I don’t even have to expound on. Anyone who’s been a college
student knows all they need to know when they hear “Finals Week.” Dun dun dun.

Then it was moving. We packed up what we would need for a month a half and drove ten hours to
Washington so I could take a 6 week job with a subcontractor of the Department of Energy.

Then it was settling. You know, getting your junk piled in the right corner of your room and saying your hellos to sister and parents and brothers and all that and giving attention to those who have been
starved and deprived of your attention for that last year.

Then it was work. It started and I was busy. Ok. Actually, that's the biggest lie of the century. My job
doesn’t keep me busy. Natalie, who blogs over at
Nat the Fat Rat, my all time favorite blogger,
described it very nicely
here and  here  when she talks about quitting a job for many
reasons, one of which being she had nothing to do for 6 months! Nothing! That’s me. I don’t quite know why they hired me. Well I do, actually. It’s because they all need someone to talk to. And that’s my job. I just entertain everyone with my witty banter. (false). But hey. Instead of working, sometimes I write blog posts (like now) for a blog that I seem to have forgotten I have. Yeppers.

So, no more excuses. I am back! And it’s summer. And there is so much to do on these 90 degree days
but instead I am trapped in my office trying to keep busy and maintain my sanity. I try real hard. Hope I succeed.

I guess we’ll see where I am at in six weeks.

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