Thursday, July 12

Honestly...I'll just talk about Him

Honesty is, of course, the best policy, right? Well honestly, I have nothing to say today. School is crazy with finals next week and all the thoughts going through my head look something like: "An inflectional Morphology of Verbs in Spanish,  An inflectional Morphology of Verbs in Spanish, An inflectional Morphology of Verbs in Spanish, An inflectional Morphology of Verbs in Spanish." It's a paper I am writing for an Advanced Grammar in Languages class. bleck.

So, since I have nothing to say about me today, I'll tell you secretes about my mister. Mwuhahahaha. He'll never know. That is, until, like, he sees this. shoot. oh well. Carrying on.

1. He is a man's man: He enjoys all things masculine including but not limited to protein shakes and P90X and mountain biking and pull ups and cliff jumping

2. He is complete goof. Always. Everyday. whether it's my old forgotten headbands on his head or ridiculous movie quotes. He's always armed with something.

3. He is seriously lactose intolerant. I will not expound.

4. He's a cheese ball. He writes me sappy love notes and has flowers waiting for me on hard day and will watch stupid Disney Channel movies with me (that one is my secret...sshh)

5. He is obedient. Like, to everything wether its a law, a religious standard, etc. He's just so good. and I love it.

6. He is friendly. He can talk to anyone and 5 minutes later its like they always knew eachother. (This was awkward for me when we were dating because we would be at Target and have to stay an extra 5 minutes talking to the check out person.)

7. He's a genious. Just ask the accounting students he tutors who would die without him. Yep.

Well those are all the secrets you get for now because I am late, need to run, and have no more time to brag to you and besides I don't want to be making nobody jealous!


  1. so sweet. (: what's your favorite dcom {disney channel original movie}? i like watching them too. ha ha!!!

  2. I love it that you think those things about your eternal companion, but esepcially LOVE it that you shared it. Too often the best things we think of others, stay in our head unshared and unsaid. He is all those things and we love him too. My personal favorites are that he is so good and obedient, and that he is so seet and kind to our girl. Enjoy each other. Good luck with finals.


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