Wednesday, July 11

Tiahna's Closet: Summer Essentials

I have recently found myself wearing wearing the same items over and over. At first I thought I was getting boring and should switch it up. But then I came to my senses and figured if aint broke don't fix it. Here are my summer essentials.

Essential Bottoms

white crops from Gap,   jean cut offs from TJ Maxx,   maxi is handmade,   striped skirt made from a dress from Old Navy

white crops, cut off jean shorts, maxi skirts and stripes pretty much sum up what I'm wearing on my lower half this summer.

Essential Tops

T-shirt from Gap, blouse form JCPenny

neon on neutral and flowey blouses are covering  my top half this season.

Essential Others

dress is thrifted ($4!!),   sandals from walmart (years ago, lei brand),   sperrys from ebay,  wedges from famous footwear

mint pleats. need I say more? 
as for shoes, I have been wearing the scrud out of these. can't go wrong with the perfect pear of sandals, classic summer sperrys and a summer wedge.

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