Thursday, December 21

Highlands Wrap Dress - Little Red Dress Project

Its time once again for the Little Red Dress Project...there's just one little problem, I'm not a huge red fan. I mean it looks incredible on others but just not on me. I love, and I do mean looooove, a good burgundy/wine color, but I couldn't find a good rayon with a print that was dominantly burgundy. I wear mostly solids but didn't want to go that route for this dress since the dress pattern I chose gave plenty of room for a good large scale print.

And then of course, Raspberry Creek Fabrics came to the rescue with this jaw-dropping rayon challis print. Its actually something I would typically not look at twice but for some reason it grabbed my whole self and I fell for it hard. The poppies are definitely red but muted just a bit somehow by the blues, purples and greens around it but still bold and just loud enough to be a little exciting. (Yes I know should apply to be a fabric description writer haha.)

This is a print that was designed and printed by and for Raspberry Creek Fabrics. Depressingly, its no  longer in stock but if enough of you guys want it we could maybe petition Diana to reprint because - duh - we need to flood the world with it. But don't worry, there is a large selection of other beautiful rayon challis prints in stock here that would be amazing in this pattern. 

I used the Highlands Wrap Dress by Allie Olson of IndieSew for my dress. I knew I wanted to use this pattern for a Christmas Dress basically since I saw the pattern, even though it was released last Spring. And huge shout out to Allie because this is the best constructed wrap dress I've ever had the pleasure of sewing. It is secured on each side with a button so that it doesn't flop open and isn't bulky like hidden ties often are. The elastic in the back waist gives fabulous fit, shaping and comfort because of the stretch. I also love that the ties don't go around back, just across the front. And its not too low for me which is a rarity. Can you tell I'm a fan?

The Highlands comes with short sleeve or sleeveless options and even though here in Arizona I could easily get away with short sleeves in December, I really wanted a full dramatic sleeve for the fun of it and also to make it feel a little more wintery. So I mashed she short sleeve with the sleeve from view D of Mcalls M7534. I just made a new sleeve piece that used the sleeve cap shape of the highlands wrap dress but the rest of the sleeve shape from M7534. And I'm pretty thrilled with the outcome!

I made just a couple other tiny adjustments. I lengthened the dress two inches so that it would be long enough to wear with heels. And I also lowered the side slits so that instead of starting mid thigh, they start at the knee. Its so fun to walk in while the wind catches it and blows around all the fabric below the knee, and I am so pleased that although its meant to be this dreamy beachy summer dress, it works wonderfully in other seasons just as well, especially with that long sleeve and in a wintery floral.

So, I don't know if this counts as a little red dress as its technically blue with red flowers but who cares?! I just sewed my dream maxi dress and couldn't be happier. I know I tend to sew patterns way after they come out, but if you need a push to try the Highlands Wrap Dress or try a fabric that might regularly be out of your comfort zone, this is your sewing dare!! Just go for it, cause you never know, you may be as pleased as me with the outcome:)

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