Tuesday, January 20

Remember how I was the devil?

Remember that one time when I was sleep training? You know, my kid hated me because she resisted sleeping and just screamed for me to come rescue her from the prison which is her crib? Well I am here to tell you that after two weeks of sleep training......nothing has changed!

Yeah. I was really hoping for difference results. But alas, I truly am the devil and I have a really difficult child. I have been trying crazy hard to help her develop good sleep habits because I am taking a girl's weekend for my birthday to LA to visit my sister, introduce Lyla to uncle Austin, and to raid the fabric district of all things cheap and fabulous. My good friend Beth and her little Logan (who shares a birthday with Lyla) are coming with me and we are staying in Whitney's little apartment....so I neeeeeeed (times infinity) Lyla to sleep well so she doesn't end up driving everyone to a blood pact to a life with no children - or no more children.
Lyla at 10 days old....now she's the same, just weighs more.

So here's the rundown. We have had tiny little improvements to celebrate. Like the fact that she has at least been going to bed earlier. Although she's waking up really early too so I'm not convinced it better...except for the fact that Kelly and I get a little of our evening back. She goes to bed at about 7:30 and sleeps for about an hour. But then the she wakes up and cannot go back to sleep. like at all. ever. She screams. I go in and pick her up and sing to her and love on her and then put her back down. She screams some more. This goes on for the next two hours at which point I decide to just feed her cause she's so skinny and after all, crying for that long burns a lot of calories, right? After which she goes back to sleep. Only to wake up three hours later. And cries and cries. After more than a week of this I just gave in and decided to feed her at this point - which is 1 am - hoping that this will get her through to morning. Only it doesn't. she wakes up again 3 hours later. I try to let her cry. and put herself to bed. She won't. So, once again, after a long time of seeing no progress and feeling so bad for my tiny precious girl, I feed her. Then she wakes up 3 hours later, ready for the day. Except she's not ready for the day. She wants out of the crib, but even after eating she just cries! Still. After that whole night?! I can't take it anymore.

Currently she is "down for a nap" which means she is crying, because after being awake for an hour and fifteen minutes this morning and crying through most of it I decided she is just still so tired. But she's still resisting. Oh! And then when she's awake and being calm, I can't let her our of my arms, or at least within arms reach cause she's so afraid I'm going to leave her because of all this crying in the crib business.

Reading books really messes with your mind cause you think you'll get the same results as other "best case scenarios" did. I read that "no cry" methods take about a month. But "let cry" methods take 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS?! Baha! Ya right. Maybe for other lucky moms. When I started sleeping sleep training it was because I was at my whits end because Lyla was waking up every 2-3 hours. Well guess what?! Besides for 1 really good day and maybe 2 decent days, things are exactly the same!

So its official. I really am devil mom. Still at my whits end and no clue what to do to help my overtired, sleep-resistant, but very adorable, baby.


  1. Lucy has mostly slept through the night but she also eats EVERY 2 hours all day long. About every week or two she goes through a growth spurt where she wakes every 2-3 hours at night to eat. It's exhausting. Dream feeding has helped a lot! If I know she's going to wake hungry and crying at the 3 hour mark, I slip a bottle in her mouth at 2hrs 45 minutes. She doesn't have to fully wake up or cry and it helps her go longer stretches sometimes. If she does wake at night, I feed her as quickly as I can so she can get right back to sleep. And so can I! It's amazing how much they still need to eat!! Good luck mama!

  2. Reading about your sleep training experience makes me cringe. It sounds like a nightmare. I know every baby is different and I never read any books about sleep training, nor did I really do it at all, but I never had any nights like you've described. I feel exhausted for you. We just kind of let our little girl set her own schedule (and she was super happy) and she didn't start going to earlier than 9:30ish until 6-7 months. However, with that being said probably around 3-4 months she woke up just once a night to eat. I know your book said take away the pacifier but that was our saving grace for night time (after 6 months we took it away during the day and she was totally fine). We did have to let our little one cry it out a few times at night after 6 months to get over the habit of eating at 2, but never what you are going through.
    I really hope things get better for you! I don't know if you feed her solids yet but our pediatrician recommended we started them at 4 months and it definitely helped keep her more full longer. Just go with your instincts of being a Mom and helping her grow, then everything will be alright.

  3. Have you ever heard of the zippadee zip? Olsen has been having a hard time with sleep and screams for at least an hour straight at bedtime. Nothing will calm him and putting him down to cry makes it worse. And he has started to hate his swaddle. I feel like we are having progress with the zipadee zip. -elizabeth rivers

  4. http://longestshortesttime.com/2014/01/22/podcast-22-the-mom-who-did-everything-wrong/

    This podcast episode might help you! For some reason, your experience with a hungry baby reminds me of this mom's. And keep in mind, you know your baby's needs best. You're doing a good job!

  5. Do you nurse or bottle feed? Do you know how much milk you are producing? She may not be getting food even though you are nursing. I have low supply but didn't know it with my first. Good luck. We haven't had a fussy baby but swaddling seems to work in this house. I'm sure eceryone has given you their two cents.

    1. This is what we think is wrong. I have started supplementing and she doesn't love it but so far it does seem to be helping at least for now. Hopefully it sticks!

  6. Feeding your baby and letting her be close to you is never the wrong answer. Have you thought if co sleeping or putting a bassinet near your bed. Also she might be experiencing some significant gas issues....possibly a amber necklace or hazel wood might help. You might also consider adding feedings.


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