Wednesday, July 3

I heart Shutterfly

Story: Kelly and I got married two and half years ago. It was awesome. That day deserves to be preserved. But me being me, it has not been. I don't quite have the temperament for scrapbooking. My mom did a great job with our scrapbooks, and I have done quite a bit of it, but I have not done any in years. I have not scrapbooked my time in England, or Italy, any of my college years, any of the time we dated, our engagement, or really anything else. So....I embraced Shutterfly! I did my wedding, and I looooove it!!! I got 50% off and free shipping, and got a 26 page 12x12 book for $36. I am so excited and now I want to make a million of them. And I will now be making a yearbook each year, and I am so excited to see them stack up and look at all the preserved memories. There are so many styles to chose from, and is so customizable that you literally can create whatever you want.

So if you need to preserve some pretty fantabulous memories, head over to Shutterfly and get busy.


  1. You are gifted. So glad for your photography interests and design abilities. I have floral. Lon has culinary/cakes etc. Whit's got the fashion aspect. (So do all of you except me.) Mom is decor, sewing etc. (and everything. She's MOM.) Basically we are a one-family show!

  2. This is great! And Definetely a less clutters beautiful way to go. Teach me how sometime. I wish I could see all the pages.


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