Thursday, June 6

The very best gift in the world

I'm super obsessed with my siblings. It's no secret. I love a lot of people, but all my siblings are so close in age (5 of us is just under 7 years, my poor momma) that it was sort of natural that we all were instant best friends. Soooo, when my almost-sister-in-law Meredith asks if I want to take a quick, spur-of-the-moment (she asked Tuesday, we left Wednesday afternoon) trip home with her (she's engaged to my brother long distance, they haven't seen each other since the got engaged a month ago) I of course, jumped on it, and convinced little sis Whitney to come along, too. We were going to be there for my little sis Kaloni's birthday, and since for the past 5-7-ish years most of us kiddos haven't been there for her big day, we tried to make up for it. But first things first, k?

 We drove like 574875 hours and got their really late, or early, on Thursday morning. Thursday was full of shopping with the girls for things for two weddings this august, and anything else that caught our fancy. Then of course, we had to make a little stop to the hilarious, quant and oh-so-fabulous Desserts by Kelly. Think, vintage gift shop meets goodwill meets the baseball hall of fame meets some really awesome dessert place...and then you get an idea of Desserts by Kelly. The walls are lined in figurines, baseball cards, and old cereal boxes. Yep. And the front is lined with the most amazing shortbread and cheesecake and coconut macaroons since. ever? Being the Birds that we are, we always get some of everything. We're cool like that.
That night, Mer and I went with my mumsicle to a church activity with all the ladies. They had this picnic theme and all the oldies were soooo cute dressed up like ants and shaking their little booties (that's another story. But trust me, you're important-ANT!)
Sorry it's blurry. But I had to include this. This is my daddy. And he is how we Birdies learned the art of photo-boming. uhuh. 
The next day was one big party as we celebrated Kaloni's entrance to the world! We had the most amazing breakfast made by the the madre...I think. But what do I know, I was sleeping. So maybe the house elves made it. Then we talked and wedding-planned some more, because that's what you do when the girls are together (We missed you Nikelle!) and you have a brother and a sister getting married in the same month. Later, Kyle, Kaloni and I headed out my favorite restaurant, Fat Olives, that strangely, and thankfully for Kyle, has really nothing to do with olives. Kyle and Kaloni, I really like you two. Isn't she cute? My little baby is all grown up and off to kill people...hmm, I mean get married. 
But Mulan's cool, too.
Kyle planned hands down, the cutest date ever for her that night. He decorated his place that has these beautiful wood floors with tons of lights and and they danced, and ate, and then made a fort and watched a movie in their jams. Love him. He told her he wanted her to dress up, but she didn't know what to wear so he had her to fashion show for him of different options. I died watching the cuteness.

Saturday the engaged folks drove to Spokane for some suit shopping for the weddings, and me and Whitty got to enjoy some lounge time, and hang out with mom and help dad with the never ending renovations. That night we made our traditional journey to Shang Hai, master of all Chinese restaurants. We would be leaving the next day, and our fortunes could not, and I seriously mean that, have been a more perfect end to such a good time. Whitney's husband Austin got accepted to Physician Assistant School at Western University near LA, and he starts in August. Whit's been a bit trepidacious about the new experience, but I think her fortune was spot on:) And mine, well duh. 

My mom always told me that best gift a parent can give a child, is siblings.

Amen, I say. 



  1. Ohhhhhh. Tears for this mom! I vote this your best blog entry yet! Thanks for recording our great time together as only you can. Your photos are getting terrific. You keep at it and you'll be as good as April soon! I mean it. Our kids are our treasure for sure. Thanks for adding to the investment with such great companions. Hugs for all of them.

  2. My heart hurts. I love you so much. I've never seen a photo like that of dad and it was so precious!


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