Tuesday, May 14

Little Brother gets engaged to awesomest girl ever


This is the year of weddings in my family. For two years, it was just me and Kelly, the lone married couple within my family. Then last December rolled around and little sister Whitney married Austin. Then in March, Kaloni got engaged to Kyle, getting married August 10th. And then, almost two weeks ago now (I've been a failure on the blog, what with finishing student teaching, moving, going to women's conference with my madre, and then thoroughly enjoying the life of no work, no school, and catching up on my reading list-reading Anna Karenina currently) little brother Layton finally popped the question to Meredith, and they're getting married August 23rd. Our family could not be happier!!

This story is quite hilarious if I do say so myself. Layton doesn't live here, as he is done with school for the summer. He is working back at home, but came up for a visit during the end of April, first part of May. He called me to divulge his plan of where he was going ask her and how, but needed help in the setup as he was supposed to be on a date with her, and at the end we would invite them to come have a fire with us. We needed to leave our cars parked there so that she would not think he was going pop the question since she would naturally assume that we were all there as well. That meant that Kelly and Whitney were hiding in the cars. Austin and I had our cameras and were hiding behind what we called a bush but was really a couple dead sticks sticking up out of the ground (we also realized later that we were mere feet away from them). Before they got there we realized that our cameras wouldn't work because they would either flash or have a red light click and that we needed to just leave before the happy couple arrived. Right at that moment, they walked up and we dove again for cover. After an hour of being afraid we were going to be eaten my poisonous snakes, feeling like we were stuck in the forbidden forest, and whitney texting me telling to "abort!" meaning the light from phone kept going off and plenty of times I was sure Mer was looking right me, Layton called. He said to come out and take real pictures. Which meant we were not so sneaky, Mer knew we were there the whole time. I came out. Then Whit saw me so she and Kelly got out of the car and walked up, too. So then I told Austin he might as well come out, too.

Well that's what you get Mer, marrying the only boy in the Bird fam. Everything is a family affair. Even your engagement! Don't let that you scare you away though, we are so excited to have another sister!!!

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  1. Yep..this was a much anticipated event on at least one side of the family... Four sisters, two parents, two grandparents, and a number of aunts asking every few weeks 'if Layton was engaged YET". With only one son among four daughters, we didn't want him to let the 'perfect' girl get away. (When everyone loves her in a family that rarely agrees on anything, she has to be THE one!). Thanks for being brave enough to join us Meredith.


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