Wednesday, May 15

I finally finished a project

     Remember when I decided to paint these white? I finally got around do doing it!!!
And guess what? Looove it! Well, them, really. I have two, but only took photos of this one. They remind of the TLC show "10 years younger." Except these look about 30 years younger. They got a serious update. If I ever get around to re-covering my couch, then the room will really come together. But we all know how long it takes me to get around to all my projects. So I am sure it wont happen anytime soon. Oh well. At least these look good.


  1. They look so great Tiahna!! :)

  2. Yeah that really is impressive! Did Kelly help? What kind of paint did you use? P.S. wish you could come to herbal remedies class with me. Community education classes down here are sweet!


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