Friday, January 4

I'm Behind

As with everyone else's lives lately, it's been a little hectic over here, but the good kind of hectic...if there is a good kind...

In the last few weeks:

I Graduated! ( Sort of...I am student teaching now.)
Went to my little sis's wedding. So beautiful!
Had the best Christmas ever with both families.
Celebrated our anniversary in the lovely Leavenworth.
Moved to the Boise Valley.
Started Student Teaching.

You'll be hearing about each, eventually, as I start getting some stuff from our life on here.
I thought about starting back on the blog earlier this week, but with moving into our new place, taking on a lot of projects (refinishing and painting our table chairs, making curtains, etc.) along with getting Idaho drivers licenses (finally) changing our address, getting Idaho residency so that we can get in state tuition for grad school, and all the other hullabaloo, I just didn't feel like it. Add on top of that our internet doesn't actually get set up till tonight...yeah, it just wasn't happening.

So here's to 2013. Maybe it'll be a little less crazy than 2012. But I guess that's yet to be seen...

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