Tuesday, December 11

I'm still alive, and Christmas is here

Ok. So here are my current excuses:

It's been the semester from satan and I have no life beyond homework, projects, teaching and tests. Kelly has been thouroughly neglected and is counting down the days to graduation (3!).  Add on top of that that blog ran out of free photo storage, I'm a cheapo, had to get a photo bucket to store my photos on so I could keep blogging, and by the time that finally happened, finals week (this week) was here.

So that about summarizes the reasons for my nonexistent online presence for basically the last 2 months. But as you can see, life as we know it has gone on. Christmas came to the Conrad house, we got a tree that's not quite strong enough to hold the lights, let alone decorations, and we got the house decorated 2 weeks before we have to pack it all up for a move to Boise (this Saturday).

So, happy crazy finals week, graduation, move, sister's wedding and christmas to me. In that order. Life isn't slowing down any, so good thing I am a long distance runner.

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