Monday, November 19

Two weekends in one

Well, life has been just a little bit ca-razy over here, so you get to hear about two awesome weekends in one post, because well, I just never got around to much on the internet last week, mmk?

Glad that's settled. Last weekend was basically a dream. My mom came to Pocatello for her uncle's funeral and to help my grandma take care of my cousins because my aunt was having knee surgery. (Try keeping that straight.) So all the Bird kids plus all their significant others traversed over the river and through the woods (and snowy roads) and to grandmas house we went. We went to Lava Hot Springs one night, and soaked in the water while it snowed and it was beautiful and everyone was happy. After, we ate dinner at a little corner pizza shack where we sat by the window and ate pizza and watched more snow fall. We visited my 93-yr-old grandpa and recorded him telling us stories. I love that man. That weekend also included some hilarious family pics, great conversation, grandma's amazing food, and a lovely time in general.

This last weekend was full of other joyous adventures. Like semi-last minute, the Bird girls decided to run the Turkey Trot, which was followed by making breakfast for lunch and putting together Whitney's bridal shower invites,  and then going to Extravadance, a dance performance in which my friend was one of the amazing choreographers. Sunday we went to the Boise Idaho Temple rededication, and made loads of apple sauce. Hope your days are just awesome.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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