Monday, August 20

A weekend in Portland


This weekend you could find mister traveler and I gallavanting about the greater Portland area. We vistited friends Kyle and Amber and baby Emma, who is so stinkin' cute, even when she's crying.

We went to a reception celebrating the marriage of mister's best man, got our red neck on at the fair and rodeo, where we chilled and became quite chummy with the animals, expecially the very curly haired sheep and the GIANT rabbits. (Yes, Austin, I understand them now.)

We ate at the cheesecake factory (kelly's cheesecake was way beter than mine-adam's peanut butter chocolate- but my salad was better.) We scouted out the outlet malls and left Gap with the whole store in tow. August can be over now.
 Fall here I come!

Elder Russell M. Nelson, renouned surgeon and medical researcher, but more importantly, a member of the quorum of the twelve apostles for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, spoke at church on Sunday, and it was lovely. When an apostle speaks, the people listen, literally. The babies at church were loud until his turn to speak, and for 45 minutes it was silent.

It was a fabulous weekend surrounded by people we love, and the perfect overcast Portland weather that made for excellent exploring.

Thanks Portland. We like you.

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