Friday, August 17

Your my Cupy Cake Snoogum Boogums

My co-worker surprised me with these yesterday to help me get through the day. I don't work today, so yesterday was my Friday. They are from a little bakery-turned-fancy-smanshy-quaint-resteraunt owned by the sister of a friend of mine called Frost me Sweet. 
And the face of the restaurant is painted mint green. 
That's how cute it is. 
Just fyi. 

Everything there is delish. Like these have lemon filling inside and are so big and moist that you have no other option but to eat them with a fork. So for all you Tri-Citians, I henceforth declare that you GO.

On another note, we are off to Portland for the weekend to visit some friends, go to a wedding, go to a rodeo (!?)  the cheesecake factory, and have a really good time. 

Happy Weekend!

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