Tuesday, August 21

so not a monotonous monday

 ha!! (in reference to both above and below!)
It seriosuly wasn't. It started as one,  but then my fave co-worker Millie took me and little sister to stone soup at the parkway to talk about little sister's recent engagement and talk wedding plans. After work both little sisters and I visited friend Kiara for dinner and girl time. So fun! Then we were off to friend Dirk's cause his gf is in town, and i love her! (Yes you Megan!!) We went frog hunting in their pond with his little brothers and started a fire and had root beer floats.

Maybe August isn't so bad.

Maybe it can stay for two more weeks.

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  1. cade would be jealous of kelly's head lamp! ha ha! {boys...} in other news, you look really, really cute in all these pictures!!!


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