Wednesday, June 13

my new stage of cooking

I have officially arrived at a whole new stage of life. It's called the " I only-cook-to-clean-the-fridge-out" stage. It involves the following: Take whatever you can see in the fridge and turn it into something edible when all combined.

For example:
Mister wanted Spanish Rice. We have a really awesome recipe for it that a good friend made for us once. I looked over the recipe and realized we had about 2, maybe three of the ingredients (rice, water,  and onions). It called for two cans of tomato sauce, which i didn't have. So I threw a tomato in the blender. tomato sauce. BAM. But it wasn't two cans worth. So I threw in some old left-over spaghetti sauce that's been in the fridge for who-knows-how-long. It called for red and green peppers which we used up the day before. So I just left them out completely. It called for beef bouillon, didn't have that either, so I just put chicken bouillon in instead. I was supposed to put it all in the oven covered in foil. Well I didn't read that part of the recipe, so the top layer got crunchy while the bottom layer was cooking just great. Yes. I am that good of a cook. HA!

PS. It actually turned out awesome.

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  1. I have to admit I am laughing with tears down my face... You have become ME! Not sure how you will feel about that, but it is true. That is exactly how I cook much of the time. I love love love you and love reading about your daily life. It really makes me happy. Hugs.


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