Thursday, June 14

On Running

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There's just something about it. Seriously.
Thursdays are my long run day because I don't have any classes. I usually feel stupid saying how many miles I ran because I have a marathon running sister.  And a 4:20 mile-running brother. And IronMan-ers as cousins. See? So I often feel like a pathetic failure. But then I saw this quote. And decided, hey, I'm awesome! Running is like a non-exclusive club. We are always trying to get more people doing it and  trying to teach people how it's not just for a work out, it's FUN. And for me, its social. Except Thursdays, because no one is available to go with me. So that's when I take time to think and smile and wave at all my other fellow runners I see on my way.

"Long run" means something different to everyone. To my marathoner of a sister it's anything over ten. to me its anything that takes at least an hour (so usually at least 7). To a friend of mine, it means running at all. We are all at different places, and some people hate it. And that's ok. But I love it.

I guess the real point is that no matter what it is, don't feel discouraged because someone is better than you. Someone always will be. So do it and love it anyways and be pleased with your accomplishments.  There will always be judgers out there. But like Dr Seuss said “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
Just some thoughts during my run. 

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  1. Great wisdom in these thoughts. I am going to try to remember to apply it in all other circumstances as well.


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