Monday, June 11

A Grand Saturday Adventure

Despite taking the PRAXIS, (1 whole month till I get results! What the heck! It's a scantron test folks, scan it and let me know. Why a month?!) Saturday turned into a grand adventure. We went down on the Snake River and did a hike (the whole hike was in the water) following the river and the falls down to the bottom. There is a cave at the bottom and it looks tiny from the outside but opens up into a huge place inside. 

(Aaaand...We got to hold 6 week old squirrels that had been abandoned by their momma. Random.) 

Obviously, it was beautiful and fun and we ended it by roasting hotdogs, marshmallows and starburst so how could we go wrong? 

Thanks for a good Saturday friends. 

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  1. Wish Dad and I could join you on a few of your adventures. They look fun and beautiful. Thanks for sharing photo especially of "you-know-who". We are happy for all.


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