Wednesday, June 20

Awkward Post : Girls Only

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It's about bras. Yep.
 So many girls don't wear the right size, or pick one just based on the cuteness factor. Welp, I don't. I used to, but luckily have moved into the world of bras where you seriously just want to stare at your boobs all the time. *yes, I just said that. This is my new go-to site. Her room is ALWAYS having fab sales and they have everything. Plus they are for WOMEN, not girls. They know what's up. (There is also a His room)

My personal fave is the minimizer style, seen above. Not that I'm top heavy. I am 5' 8"and wear a 34 B or C, depending on the brand. The minimizer is not sold in any sizes smaller than 34 C because, naturally, who would want to make their upstairs smaller who wears a smaller size than that *other than me? Ya, me and my sisters tend to be 20's style, where flat chested rocks. We were runners and loved the cross country season because they would slowly widdle away.

I am a huge believer of this bra. It gives great shape. comfort. support. makes you look like you've lost weight. and its awesome. But if it's not the style for you, luckily they have 548528709670567 other things to look at on their site. So go. I don't even get paid to tell you to go, so you know I am serious. 
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