Saturday, February 11

Oh you know, just my birthday

Yep.  23 years ago I was born. Thanks Mom and Dad! Whew. I always wonder why we get the party when they did all the work. But, I guess I won't ruin the tradition! Haha. So this year was especially fantabulous. My bestie Alyson and her hubby Nathan threw me the most surprising surprise party ever! Usually them surprise parties don't work too well on me. But this one was terrifying, it was such a surprise. Here's how it went down.

Alyson invited the Hubs and I to dinner on Friday Feb 3rd. (My birthday is the fifth so I didn't think it had anything to do with my birthday. Plus she invited us like a week before that  so I didn't think about a birthday connection at all.) I asked her what I could bring, she said salad. So I thought we were set. The Hubs and I were at the gym until five thirty on Friday, so we rushed home to shower and then were off to store to get stuff to bring to dinner. (I didn't do any grocery shopping last week. Bad wife points, I know) I grab some salad fixins and then suddenly the Mister is next to me telling me thats that not enough salad. I was getting frustrated. I was starving. My blood sugar felt like it was below zero. There were only going to be four of us at dinner, and THIS WASN'T ENOUGH SALAD?! What the heck.  So I told him to do the shopping. I would just be lazy and follow him around. (Bad wife points again. Racking 'em up, I know.) So he did. And we left. And drove to the Al's house. We arrive. They let us in. The kitchen looks amazing with all sorts of heaven sitting before my hypoglycemia glazed over eyes. I go to the counter to start putting my salad together and talk to Al and Nathan. Then like five seconds later the terrifying crowd of people runs into the kitchen with balloons and happy birthday shouts and hugs. My sister and brother were there, along with the Mister's brother and his lovely girlfriend, my other bestie Anne was there and my friends Kaleb and Bradley. We ate a million pounds of good food, and I may have monopolized the strawberries. I blew out all 23 candles on my cake and forgot to make a wish. Lameness. Oh well. We played Ticket to Ride, my very favorite, and Nikelle and Kaleb won (we played in teams. They dominated.)

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  1. What an unusual and wonderful college experience you are having surrounded by so many good friends and supportive siblings and access to Grandparents who do the same. I am so grateful that you all love and care and include each other. I hope you treasure up all these great memories to keep creating them for others when life begins to separate you a bit. Happy Birthday to both and you and Kelly and an early Valentines Day love wish as well.
    PS. I made the most delicious and successful and gourmet Tunnel of Fudge cake to take to Leavenworth and share with Renchers. I think she may use it for her next staff party. SUCCESS!

    Love, MOM Bird


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