Wednesday, May 22

Things as of late

I am my mothers daughter, and as such have taken up the life of audiobooks and sewing. Yes, its true my friends, I aged about 25 years in one day and now find myself sitting at my sewing machine and listening to Anna Karenina on my iPad. (I joined a book club. The book isn't bad, but is dreadfully long, and there is no way I am going to finish it by next wednesday).

But back to sewing. My almost sister-in-law is an art major with an emphasis in clothing construction. We get together and lot and make things. Like the skirt above.  Also, she introduced me to the fabulous art of buying fabric at DI. I didn't even know they sold fabric there, but they do. Apparently all the old ladies bring their leftovers there and Mer and I get the privilege to rummage through the piles of floral and grape printed yards to find the gems. Pure gems.

Also those sparkly sandals are basically glued to my feet. I wear them with everything, all the time. They make me feel happy and perfect and all my outfits are cuter with them. So run to Target and buy them. You'll be glad you did.

In other news, for my Mormon folks, Kelly and I got called to to be Temple workers. Our shift is on Wednesdays and starts and 4:45 am. I have truly joined the ranks of old women. I got home at 10:30 am and slept strait till 1:00pm. "You know that's right." *ps. please name that show.

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  1. Cute skirt Tiahna! It looks perfect on you! And, you're right those sandals are super happy. Also, congratulations on your new calling. That is super awesome and insanely early. Many blessing will be coming your way:)


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