Wednesday, October 3

Kelly and Doctors and More Tests

Well, the title about sums it up. But here are the details.

We got a call from Kelly's oncologist last week, and he explained that despite blood work that would confirm the absence of cancer, and negative biopsy results, he, and the testicular (Seminoma) cancer experts at Huntsman Cancer Center who he has been corroborating with over Kelly's case,  are not convinced that Kelly's cancer has not made a comeback. They recommended Kelly have a CT PEP scan. He had it today.

They injected him with a radioactive isotope, (Fluoride 14, or something or other). It attaches itself to sugars, and apparently Seminoma tumors take in more sugar because it's cancer, and cancer cells reproduce and grow quickly. So they took scans of his stomach and chest as the isotope made its way through his body.

Apparently its a very accurate method to confirm the absence or prove the existence of cancer in his body. Hopefully this is the last test and we can have some peace of mind. If it comes back negative, then we just watch this tumor and see if there are any changes. We will most likely still have it taken out at Huntsman, if it is negative. If the result is positive for cancer, then our oncologist recommended radiation since it is less intrusive, so Kelly could stay in school and not have to take the semester off.

So there's an update.

Stay tuned for results.

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